Thursday, August 23, 2007

Group Collaborative Project

Well, I have really enjoyed doing the group collaborative project, although, I wish I could have communicated better through blogging with my partners. Unfortunately there are multiple steps to take in order for me to look and respond to others blog entries because we are located in China, but luckily my group members and I were able to correspond through emails. I'm sorry team that I haven't been responding to your blogs! I would if I could!

I also have learned a lot about wikis and how great this program will be to use in my classroom. When doing technology with my kids, I usually leave it up to the tech teacher, for the most part, but know I would definitely feel comfortable team teaching or teaching students myself about this program.

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Susan said...


It's great that you want to take charge of the technology component in your class. No one will know your kids the way you do and you'll be able to really differentiate your teaching. My very limited experience with second grade was fun but I didn't feel gifted in that area. They are so enthusiastic and they bring in cupcakes to share for snack :) You'll rarely see that in high school.