Saturday, August 18, 2007

moodle vs. wiki

So at my school they are providing a workshop on Moodles. I am wondering if anyone has any views on which program, either a moodle or a wiki, would be better to use in a grade 3 classroom for a class newsletter that the kids would create every few weeks.

I know that a wiki would allow our class to archive each newsletter, which would be great, but I'm not sure if the Moodle program allows this. I heard that the Moodle program is more like a webpage.

I can't make the workshop due to another meeting, so I was wondering if any had ahny thoughts on the difference between these two programs?!



Susan said...

I believe moodle is more for course management than class newsletter. Have you ever used blackboard or webct? You put your notes and assignments on it and the students have discussions and submit their work and even take tests in the environment. wikis seem the better choice for a collaborative project such as the one you are describing.

Charles White said...

I have managed both. There are three things I looked for with my elementary school websites; look and feel, flexibility, and ease of use.

With a teacher's schedule, the last criteria is one of the most important (both for you and your parents). While you have more flexibility with content management, the ease of using a wiki outweighs what you might lose.

I suggest a wiki.