Monday, August 20, 2007


I thought chapter 5 in Blogs Wikis and Podcasts by Richardson was very informational both personally and professionally. So often I am questioning sources that I and my students get information from and this RSS feed would allow me to get valid, relevant and the most current sources information out on the web. Since a lot of information that we get from the web changes daily, it's extremely important for me to make sure that I'm giving my students information that is not dated and this program would help me reduce that chance of not getting information correct.

The only thing that scares me, like Richardson states at the end of the chapter, is all the emails and alerts I would have to search through. Also, teaching young students and making sure that information that my kids or I receive is relevant to them. Is there anyway to gather information from the RSS feed that is kid friendly or is this program basically geared towards more advanced learners?

This will, though, be a program that I will most definitely use for my own educational benefit.


Anonymous said...

I am finding that I really like RSS too, and that I am learning a lot from my subscriptions.

Susan said...


It's not a blog but I found a great site for kids and information literacy. It will help, I think, in their learning how to evaluate the relevancy of a site. Check out:

Kids are bombarded with so much commercial information that I like to try to spend some time telling them that some parts of a website are trying to sell you a product. Many adults need that lesson too but kids are vulnerable population and I feel more of responsibility toward them.