Sunday, August 26, 2007

Informal Learning is where it's at!

After reading the last few pages of the Siemens' book on Web 2.0, really made me reflect on my own teaching methods and how I have integrated new advances of technology in the classroom. It made me realize, along with this entire class, that I need to make more of an effort to expose students to new technology and how to use technology in various ways further learning.

I really enjoyed the part of Siemens' book that touched on the power of "Informal Learning." Being adaptable, taking on new experiences, and staying updated and current is crucial for teachers in today's ever changing society. If do not mode how to be flexible and take risks in our classrooms then we selling our students short of the education they should be receiving.

In my mind holistic teaching and learning is the only path to take today in order to allow for growth the WHOLE child. Allowing learning to flow within the classroom, not only when learning about the newest way to integrate technology but in all areas of education, is probably the greatest gift and learning opportunity we can give our students today and in the future.

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