Sunday, August 12, 2007

Richardson Reading

Blog Entry 7-5-07 (Richardson Reading)
I’m really enjoying reading Blogs, Wiki’s, Podcasts… by Will Richardson. I think this book has a lot of great tools and ideas that will help integrate communication through technology into our classroom this year. Maybe too many ideas making it hard to choose what would work best with the students in my class!!

I love his ideas of giving students the chance to go and explore wiki’s, blogging, etc. with minimal teacher guidance. Kids often times are much smarter and more adaptive than we tend to think and to let them learn from and with each other will only enhance their technological skills and help them become a more self-reliant learner in future learning experiences.

This year, I will have to remember to make sure to give students an outline, but allow them to explore and discover for themselves when it comes to filling in the details of that outline. Easier for me as the teacher and more fun and educational for the students! Exploration and self-discovery are beautiful concepts.

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nrhall said...

I am finding Richardson to be an excellent read and resource. So many ideas, its hard to know where to start.